21ST Century Sales and Leadership

Accela frees organisations to focus on what they do best

Our clients appreciate that we

Have over 10 years’ experience in generating exceptional people and revenue growth in Australia, Asia and Europe

Achieve supercharged results using our unique digital platforms

Are the preferred provider for executives focussed on tangible results, rather than “buzzword” training

Draw on a vast and up-to-date library of research, resources and in-field experience to create bespoke solutions

Are spearheaded by experienced, successful and highly sought-after leaders in their field


Win the sales you deserve

The most profitable firms know that no amount of cost cutting can match the power of improving your sales.

The consulting programs and learning experiences offered by Accela are designed to help firms dramatically improve their sales and client relationships by developing sales as a core competency.


Expand your business, master leadership

The truly successful firms have developed focused business strategies that build on their Leaders.

Through consulting programs and learning experiences, Accela helps firms clarify their competencies, concentrate their forces, and develop Leaders that win.


Digitally agile beyond a traditional experience

Accela uses cutting edge technology that is nimble, efficient, and data-driven so that our learning experiences deliver immediate value, while also building the capabilities, processes, and mindsets for future success.


The latest book Be The Best Boss

Be the Best Boss is the manual to help 21st century managers and their organisations pursue the training they need to ensure sustained business success. Over the past ten years, we have identified 52 of the most critical competencies necessary to propel managers forward in a world of accelerating innovation. Be the Best Boss provides the flexibility necessary to help managers learn new skills in ways that are appropriate for their context.

We provide a proficiency assessment to accurately assess areas where growth is needed, so that managers start at the right level for each competency. We then guide managers through the program based on their specific motivational drivers so that they can tailor the program to their specific interests and needs.

Finally, we provide holistic learning support by building practice opportunities into Be the Best Boss, so that managers have clear, consistent ways to add to their skills in the real world and track their progress.


With our assistance, Helen’s Health Hut undertook nine steps to invigorate her people management and development approach. She decided to start with her three Sales Leader roles – each leader having responsibility for the outcomes of approximately ten Sales Agents.

An opportunity immediately presented itself as Helen was in the midst of hiring for a Sales Leader vacancy.