The next-generation sales force excels at ten key success factors

We deliver on your KPIs by training your teams, empowering your frontline managers as coaches and using state of the art technology to drive continuous improvement.

Do your coaches have the expertise to assist the modern digitally-savvy workforce?

Red flags are:

  • Managers are not skilled in coaching
  • No tracking of interactions and results
  • Inconsistent, events moved or cancelled
  • Topics that suit the coach rather than the coachee
  • No or little useful follow-up
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Does your sales process sync with the modern customer journey?

Red flags are:

  • No consistency
  • Best practice not shared or updated
  • Not practical and easy to follow
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Is Self-Development “nice to have”, or “the way we do things”?

Red flags are:

  • Individual skill gaps not identified
  • Not available online
  • Not linked back to coaching, competencies, KPI and annual review
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Are your team’s development plans digitallyaccessible, up-to-date and working towards revenue-generating and career-progressing goals?

Red flags are:

  • Cumbersome to complete and track
  • Not related to individual sales pipeline
  • Not managed by coach
  • No on-going benchmarking
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The right personality: Do your people fit your organisation?

Red flags are:

  • Not the right attitude
  • Poor commitment to the job or employer
  • Incompatible personality characteristics and cognitive
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Does your sales force have access to the tools they need to enable them to succeed in the digital age?

Red flags are:

  • Hard to find
  • Hard to use
  • Outdated and inconsistent versions
  • Not mapped to the sales process or core competencies in Job Description
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Career progression: Is the future of your best and brightest upward, or outward?

Red flags are:

  • Demotivating
  • No plan to address skill gaps
  • Viable alternatives not identified
  • Managers have poor development skills
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Are your people measured against modern and proven revenue generating competencies?

Red flags are:

  • Motherhood statements rather than trainable skills
  • Inconsistent application between people
  • Inconsistent application over time
  • Skills that truly drive performance are not identified
  • Not strongly linked to training, coaching, KPI’s and performance
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Build Your Firm’s Digital Sales Playbook with Accela

What is a digital sales playbook?

Put simply, it is a digitally accessible and adaptable recipe for sales success. It’s a must for any sales organisation looking to thrive in the 21st century and beyond. An effective playbook allows your sales team to understand who their customers are and their buying behaviours.

It also contains sales processes and contact methodology that achieves proven results. It also allows your sales team to develop their sales competencies and quickly and easily build their own personality into a tried and tested framework.

By taking your sales team through our 10 Success Factors, Accela will assist your company to enable a bespoke digital sales playbook using our unique blend of face-to-face and digital learning platforms and performance metrics.

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