Future-proof your results

Digital disruption is here to stay. All enterprises ignore it at their peril.

The savvy workforce is enabled to embrace and adapt to changing environments, customer behaviours and competitor challenges by creating a culture of continuous learning.

No-one is better placed than Accela to target the constant development needs of a dynamic workforce in the digital era. Through our research and partnerships with global leaders, we have solutions that will maintain your organisation at the forefront of change, and your people engaged from their first click on your job ad to sustained revenue-generating success.

Allow your people to consistently win with up-to-date insights, access to cutting-edge tools and bespoke development programs using our digital platforms.

Sales Enablement

Drive more sales in ways you never imagined

Picture transforming your marketing and sales teams into one ultra-efficient, revenue-hunting engine. Or building a key document in mere minutes. Or finding the sales content you need the moment you need it.

Accela is a preferred training partner for Seismic. We specialise in turning Seismic’s cutting-edge sales enablement tools into results for your salespeople.

How does it work? Seismic uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically eliminate the painful parts of the sales cycle. Information is purposeful and immediately at the fingertips of your sellers. Insights are never outdated. Sales assets are always tailored to your audience – and ready to turn new prospects into new customers.

There’s never been a better way to optimise the sales cycle across your organisation.

The Accela HUB

The Accela HUB started 2012 when GE Capital first approached Accela. Back then, while we were a leader in sales performance improvement, our offer was like most other sales training organisations – sales training, coaching and designing sales process’.

In our first year of engagement with GE we target the skills of their salespeople. Results improved, but there were still sales the team deserved that they weren’t getting.

In our second year we targeted the sales process itself and created a bespoke step-by-step guide specific to each product team. Again, results improved. But there was still scope for more!

In third year we focused on people leaders, developing their coaching skills process. Once again there was improvement but yes, there was still scope for more! In addition, we found that the more work we put into one area, other areas slipped back. We also found that each individual’s development was greatly enhanced if we were able to tailor it specifically to their unique needs.

As a result, we were commissioned to find a complete digital solution to simultaneously pull together and develop all the disparate elements which make up a truly high-performing sales team. This become the Accela HUB, which we launched to market in 2018.

The HUB is focused on each individual salesperson. Like a Lego construction, any piece can be used at any time; it simply snaps on.

It has three core elements:

Set-Up for Success

  • Job Fit, psychometric testing – the right person in the right role
  • Performance driven competency allocation – the skills proven to lead to success
  • On-boarding – getting to competency as quickly as possible
  • Career progression planning – to ensure motivation and seamless succession
  • Step by step sales process – best practice shared instantly

Continuous Improvement

  • Resources for self-development – facilitating people to take responsibility for their own success
  • Revenue focused Personal Development Plans – customised continuous improvement
  • Easy access to sales tools – up to date shared tools for immediate results
  • Results based coaching – systemised coaching process to save time
  • Results based training – training focused on what is needed rather than what is liked.


Everything is managed and tracked online 24/7. This means you are able to make better resourcing decisions that are more focused, efficient and likely to boost sales.

Psychometric Testing

Talent Acquisition and Development

Scientifically proven digital tools for the entire employee lifecycle

If you have ever said the following then you have found your solution.

  • "My turnover is too high!"
  • "I need to standardise my interview process and make it more efficient and legally defensible."
  • "We have individuals who interview well but then leave in less than 60 days."
  • "My hiring costs are too high!"
  • "I am not sure if my job applicants will be engaged and productive."
  • "How do I determine who is ready to move into another position?"
  • "I need to improve the on-boarding process to make new employees more productive, sooner."

The Attitude Fit tool

shows the candidate's attitudes toward work and work-related issues by measuring for counter-productive behaviours.


The Engagement tool

shows the level of commitment between an individual and their current or most recent job and employer.


The Leadership tool

helps to identify leadership qualities and areas where an employee can be developed as a leader.


The On-boarding tool

helps the supervisor or manager better understand the personality characteristics and learning styles of the new employee in order to maximise performance as quickly as possible.


The Job Fit tool

shows how a candidate's personality characteristics and cognitive abilities fit the job by comparing their traits to those of successful performers in a specific job.


The Coaching tool

helps the supervisor or manager better understand the personality characteristics and learning styles of the employee in order to improve their performance and productivity.

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